When installing the thermistor, be sure to face the installing projection A toward the installing surface. Check for disconnection of the scanner wire. Original smudged or blotchy. If “d” is still not displayed, the MCU must be replaced. Refer to fig 4.

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Select a solenoid with the tray select key the lamp corresponding to the solenoid lights up and press the [START] key, and the machine repeats operation of ON for ms and OFF for ms.

Until the light quantity of the copy lamp is stabilized, the sub code of “01” is displayed on the 7-seg display. Set the paper guide 3 before fusing to the bottom line of the positioning reference Band tighten the screw firmly. L8 01 Content No full wave signal Detail The zero cross signal is not detected. For scannrr 7-seg lamps, the 3-digit lamps are lighted at once. Back surface Manual paper feed mode.

Sharpar M160 Ar Eb7 Driver Download

When the [Interrupt] key is pressed at that time, the machine goes into the sub code input standby mode. Any of the alarm indicator is lit or blinking.


The function can be disabled. The exposure level can not be adjusted. The motor lock signal is detected for 1sec during rotation of the main motor. Check that the SPF is open. Don’t show me this message again. Ar-m160/ar-be7 Polygon motor unit abnormality Improper connection or disconnection of the polygon motor and the harness.

It reduces common noises and normal mode noises generated from the AC line. Only download this driver. The smaller the set value is, the lighter the ar-m160/are-b7 is.

Operating procedure When this simulation is executed, warm-up and shading are performed, and the current set value is displayed in two digits. If the height of the base plate is changed, it cannot be adjusted in the market.

Note for the key input check mode. When this simulation is executed, the currently set code number is displayed. Canceling the simulation mode When the clear all key is pressed, the simulation mode is cancelled. The default is 0.

Operating procedure When this simulation is executed, warm-up is performed and the ready lamp is lighted. For information on Button Manager settings, see the Button Manager help file.


Calam̩o РService Manual SHARP AR -M_M_M_M SME

Contents A Operation P. Connect the machine to a power outlet which is not used for other electric appliances. If one of them is in contact with the positioning plate, perform the adjustment of 4. Remaining quantity display levels: Life packed conditions Photoconductor drum 36 months from the production month Developer, toner 24 months from the production month 3. When the [Interrupt] key is pressed, the operation is interrupted to go to the sub code input standby mode.

The LED does not change, either.

Do not remove screws which are not indicated in the figure. If no tree is displayed, confirm that the USB is connected and select the “Reconnect” the above 5 again. Manual multi paper feed section.