This should restore your audio, as SDL will fall back on one of its default Windows drivers. Waveform of the latency test on Linux with unpatched winepulse. Of course you must substitute paths to. Please consider filing a bug if you find that your application’s audio works in one mode but not the other, as Wine should support both. I recommend starting with

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This one edits flags and attributes to request lower latency from PulseAudio.

Edit the OpenAL configuration file. Wine’s audio DLLs are implemented similarly. I have noticed with Wine Staging this is back again.

For a small handful of applicationsWine may issue this pulseaudip. But arcch I can not go back to pulseaudio for wine. I remember it was similar for me, with the distortion and partial echo thing starting when I run Mumble. Wine has official support for PulseAudio. Retrieved from ” https: Waveform of the latency test on Linux with unpatched winepulse. I still want to remove pulse. Want to add to the discussion? Thanks for the info and partial solution.


Creating snaps for Windows applications. Wine does its best to probe your system for information about the available devices, but ALSA’s device enumeration does not work very well.


This is a known bug pulseaudoi Wine. I’d love to use my eclaro but the only sound server that even remotely supports it is OSS.

Ever missed the ‘Ding’ system sound and other standard Windows audio cues? I set mine to 2 fragments of 3ms each, for a pulseaudii of 6ms. Seriously, for almost a year I didn’t have to deal with these solutions.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. JACKthe low-latency sound server, had a driver in the old driver architecture. It also has many functionalities I appreciate as a Twitch streamer networking, null sinks and loopbacks. Green Tree 3. This is way higher than what we experience on Windows, and unplayable to my standards.

I recommend starting with This includes most games made with GameMaker. In Windows Vista, Microsoft rewrote most of their audio systems. Regardless of all that, do you pulxeaudio a specific snap that displays the issue? I’ve read about it on a blog somewhere, and it’s also mentioned a little later in that Arch Wiki article, but for me that method resulted in unreasonably high numbers resulting in something like half a second of audio lagso I just tried different values until it worked for my hardware.


At this point, you should be able to play osu! I’m not sure if there’s a good methodical way to find them Snap Wine based application snapcraft.

pulseaudio – How to change the default audio in Wine to Alsa only – Ask Ubuntu

To fix this, you can configure openal-soft to allow more voices. Are you using onboard audio?

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