The cable used to connect the battery is supplied with the KSU. Unmark all of the check boxes by default only Group 1 is checked and press Update. Avoid installing in the following places: Starting from DKT i. Ensure the BKSU have been installed correctly. An extended menu will appear below. New dialog box will open that will list the lines.

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You can see the position of the switch in the picture below. Page of 59 Go. Once the installation of cards is finished and the system zoho completed, and PC admin installed and connected to the Aria SOHO, start the system in the following order: Install 3 anchor plugs in the wall using the mounting template included for accurate placement Figure 3.

Don’t show me this message again. On the left side the Station Numbers will show up.

An extended menu will be shown on the right side. If these changes could reasonably be expected to affect the use of the ARIA SOHO or compatibility with the wr-bksu, the telephone company is required to give advanced written notice to the user, allowing the user to take appropriate steps to maintain telephone service.

We do not provide the ground wire. Ar-bksy the system does not operate properly, the equipment should be repaired by an authorized LG-Nortel service center. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.


LG ARIA SOHO Installation Manual

Anti-static precautions should be taken during installation. We do not provide the ground wire. Carefully check the battery polarity with cable colors Red and Blue when connecting the battery to ar-bbksu System.

The local telephone company may make changes in its communications facilities or procedures.

LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO – First Time Installation – VION Technology Blog

Affix the bracket with the 4 screws provided Figure 3. Proper grounding is very important to protect the ARIA SOHO from external noise and to reduce the risk of electrocution in the event of lightning strike. MBU – Main Board Unit MBU controls communication between the peripheral interfaces, supervises all resources in the system, controls the gain adjustment of the PCM signal, generates the System tones, and manages System call processing.

External Backup Battery Installation Mar, 3. Starting from DKT i. Before installation, make sure that the KSU is not plugged into an outlet. Make sure that you do not short out the external batteries and cables.

PSU battery operation will be halted if the AC power is re-connected or if the battery voltage is too low to maintain full-system operation.


User can reassign slot order of each CO Line or extension line to appropriate to user circumstance. There are two ways to perform Admin Programming: Next step is to enable CID. It should be positioned on port 4.


If this is still ON if the PBX resets while configuration or configured, all settings will be erased. The external batteries must provide 24V DC; this is generally accomplished by connecting two 12V batteries in a series arrangement as shown. It is recommended that the aira wire is shorter than 1m 3. Note that if the update tool is not showing immediately, try pressing refresh for a couple of times.

These ones that are marked are the groups that these extensions has ar-bkxu to. Enter the server IP Address 12 digits.

So in case you need to change the extensions number just change the number which is associated with its port. New menu-box will open. In your case only can use the outside lines.