A signal repeating element comprising: The height and width of the unit are a multiple of the thickness dimension, e. Thus, the signal source received by the antenna from the remote equipment may be a mobile signal source. For example, the signal processor or controller e. Wireless fiber-coupled telecommunication systems based on atmospheric transmission of laser signals.

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In one particular embodiment of the invention having a base-station-facing antenna mounted on one of the opposing sides of the housing and a mobile-facing antenna mounted on the other of the opposing sides of the housing, the two antennas each comprise an array of antenna elements, and a beamforming arrangement creates a desired antenna pattern of the base-station-facing antenna relative to a base station and a desired antenna pattern of the mobile-facing antenna relative to subscriber equipment.

However, along the symmetry plane of the printed circuit board PCBdeceiver dipoles have mirror azimuth beams, as shown in FIG. The envelop of the beams is within an ellipse; with the major axis of the ellipse in the directions perpendicular to the faces of the antenna system.

An antenna apparatus and method of performing spatial nulling within the antenna apparatus. The signal repeating element of claim 1 wherein the at least one transmit antenna element is a dipole asgron.

Thus, the system can operate in both directions; converting wide spatial responses into a single selected beam for receiveand transmitting a signal back towards the desired direction transmit modeassuming sufficient bandwidth and transmit power handling capacity, as noted above. RSW antennas may also be useful for array applications, where the presence of surface and lateral waves for conventional patch radiators produce significant mutual recfiver and may lead to scan blindness.

For lower power systems, the electronics can be surface mount PCB. In a scattering environment, which is common in PCS, every 6 dB of additional system gain will double the coverage distance.


Additionally, this methodology does not require an injected signal training or pilot tone, or wideband noisefor the adaptive process. A limiting characteristic for repeaters is that of the feedback loop, or conversely, the isolation between the two opposing antennas or sensors.


That is, all of the lines of a first length are coupled to one summerall of reciver lines of a second length are coupled to a summerand so forth. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, the signals from the main and Rx diversity antennasare combined at the combining network with equal gain from the low noise amplifiers Apparatus and methods for generating an electromagnetic wave along a transmission reciever.

Multiple gaskets G are provided for sealing purposes. In one embodiment, the primary repeater includes the components shown in FIG.

However, rceiver the two antennas are not oriented in the same direction being orthogonal. The intermediate frequency is then upconverted back to the original frequency of the desired signal.

USA1 – Repeaters for wireless communication systems – Google Patents

The LEDs or other display elementsas well as suitable circuitry for determining signal receivef, or some other desirable measure of signal quality may be incorporated in the flat panel antennaor indeed in any antenna configured in accordance with the invention. Therefore, the claimed repeater is capable of re-transmitting a satellite signal inside a structure such that an uninterrupted satellite signal can be transmitted reeiver a receiver.

This is denoted in FIG. Generally speaking, M can, but does not have to equal N.

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The feed point of the antenna for a dipole, at the center is the position in which the electrons are moving the fastest. The polarization difference between the two antennas and improves the isolation between the two antennas.

The base-station-facing antenna preferably has a narrower half power beamwidth than the mobile-facing antenna. Additionally, it aids the installation of the unit indoors assuming sufficient lighting, to recharge the batteries, where there is no local aatron plug. The block diagrams in FIGS. Therefore, the repeater gain will in general be less than the isolation minus the margin.


In addition to the couplers andrespective delay lines and may be employed at either end of the RF path, one just prior to the summing junction and one subsequent to the coupler This process will work with many, if not most, of the digitally adaptive algorithms for feedback control.

US20140127989A1 – Repeaters for wireless communication systems – Google Patents

Referring next to FIG. In practice, these two repeaters are located considerably farther apart than indicated in the somewhat simplified diagram of FIG. The invention provides a repeater diversity system comprising a main null antenna having a given phase center and wirelesd for receiving a communications signal from a remote signal source, a donor antenna for transmitting a signal to a base station, a diversity null antenna having the same phase center as the main null antenna and a polarization orthogonal to the polarization of the main null antenna, a combining network coupled to the main null antenna and the diversity null antenna for combining the signals therefrom, and an uplink channel module coupled with the combining network for delivering diversity combined receive signals to the donor antenna.

The output of the down awtron channel module is fed through a power amplifier to the diplexer for transmission by the main antenna However, it is assumed that the systems shown in each of FIGS.