Expansion Card Status Leds Do you have questions about our products or services? Safety Notice Only qualified personnel should attempt the start-up procedure or troubleshoot this equipment. Digital Outputs x4 7. Baldor offers a complete range of programmable HMI panels to meet the most demanding of applications.

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Baldor BSM motors use either or line encoders. In the following example, digital input 1 will be set to trigger on a falling edge, and allocated to the forward limit input of axis 0: However, the effect of cable length is shown in Table 3: Servo Axis – Testing And Tuning 5.

General Information This manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. A single card can control up to 4 axes of servo and pic axes of stepper. Stepper Drive Outputs Many functions can be accessed from the menu or by clicking a button – use whichever you prefer.

Baldor Can Interface x18 On the main WorkBench v5 toolbar, click the Drive enable button. Digital Inputs x3 Analog Inputs – X6 4. After a few seconds the setup wizard should start automatically.


Installing The Nextove Pci Card If baldoor cannot solve the problem or the problem persists, the SupportMet feature can be used. Choosing An Axis – 8 Axis Card S1 and S2 represent general status information. Can1 canopen – X17 This contains a number of utilities and useful resources to get the most from you MintMT controller.

Servo Axis – Testing And Tuning WorkBench v5 will start, and the Tip of the Day dialog will be displayed.

The safe operation of this equipment depends upon its use in the appropriate environment. The NextMove PCI must be installed in an enclosed cabinet located so that it can only be accessed by service personnel using tools.

Analog Inputs – X6 For more information visit our support center.

Baldor NEXTMOVE Pci-2 Motion Controller Card 8 Axis Control Opto Isolated I/o

Each axis can be configured with its own drive enable output, or can share an output with other axes. This is equivalent to a maximum frequency for the A and B signals of 1.

If an input is configured as edge triggered, the triggering pulse must have a duration of at least 1ms one software scan to guarantee acceptance by MintMT. This manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.



This is a safe operational state where only the bootloader firmware present on NextMove PCI is running. Relay And Can Power – X8 You can prevent baldr Tip of the Day dialog appearing next time by removing the check mark next to Show tips at startup.

It is recommended that the system is initially tested and tuned with the motor shaft disconnected from other machinery.

The LEDs may illuminate red or green and can be continuous pi flashing. Click in the Scale box and type a value. Click Yes to search for firmware.

Setting The Drive Enable Output