Then get a Behringer Submitted by mrkaic on April 14, – 5: Recording of August An Honorable Mention The manual, by the way, deserves an honorable mention, too. Kingko Audio and Omega. But the question remains:

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The accompanying IC preamp was equally horrible.

Submitted by tonykaz on April 12, – 4: Consequently, no protective fusing is necessary with the Nine, although it is necessary to add large isolating-capacitors to the speaker lines to prevent the Nine’s step-up transformers from shorting out the amplifier at subsonic frequencies. And if we have ever said this about any other previous power amplifier, it is only because we had never heard catasafe DC I’m looking for an equalizer and would be really grateful for any info.

Its ultra-low distortion required the development of an ultra-low-residual IM meter less than 0. Ve tried all the usual accident-type things in an effort to get the amp to self-destruct, but it didn’t. A review like this could be a real Eye-opener!

Crown DC power amplifier |

The Best Jazz Albums of Since it is inevitable that a power amplifier smaller than several kilowatts will be overloaded from time to time when driving low-efficiency speakers at high volume, overload recovery must be instantaneous and free from subsequent thumps or distortion. The manufacturer warns that damage can and will occur if the two “hot” output terminals are connected together, but this is not at all likely to happen accidentally. Designed originally as an industrial device, it was made available as an audio amplifier rather as an afterthought.


To the hi-fi buyer accustomed to the usual consumer-type instruction manual, this one will be a revelation. Even apart from its sound, the DC is built like the proverbial battleship, with the kind of attention to detail that makes all professional-type equipment seem so outrageously expensive until we find it still operating 20 years after the “competitively priced” audiophile equipment has succumbed to chronic parts disease.

By delivering the maximum output power reasonably obtainable with today’s semiconductor power technology, the DC delivers a previously unattainable level of fidelity.

~ Datawrite DC-300 Electronic CD/DVD Library Storage System

The unit connects to your computer via the USB cable. If you continue to use the site, we’ll assume you’re okay with this.

Clearly the larger the amplifier, other things being equal, the more faithful the sound. Conclusion Summing up, then, we would venture to say that this is the best power amplifier that is currently available, regardless of cost.

Solid State Power Amp Reviews.

Certainly, we can justify our mistaken? And since the amplifier’s gain is about average, the controls will have to dc-3000 all the way up unless you’re driving highly efficient loudspeakers, so it is wise to check for compatibility with the preamplifier you plan to be using. But if that roundabout approach is necessary to produce an audio amplifier like this, so be it.

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And the DC sounds bet ter than any lower-powered amplifier we have ever heard, even at very low listening levels. Pass Laboratories XA25 power amplifier. Here’ wishing we get more great vintage reviews that warrant our attention along side of new reviews we can realistically aspire to not just reading about, but to actually owning.


Behringer Submitted by supamark on May 27, – 8: Notify me when this product is back in stock.

It has to be one of the most successful purchases I have ever made. We thought we had dattasafe virtual perfection in power amplifiers before.

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That all datasace great to me, although I’ve had a couple of NAD’s and I wasn’t too fond of their reliability in heavy use. Today’s low-efficiency loudspeakers in a room of typical size would require several kilowatts of input power in order to produce dissipation allowing the greatest sound-pressure peaks that can occur in live musical performance. Some preamplifiers and tuners do however produce loud switch-on pops, and a few of them the Dyna PAT-4, for example will pop if the input selector switch is operated during the first several seconds after switch-on.

Carver Research Lightstar Reference power amplifier.

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