More astonishing is the rate at which these numbers are increasing year after year. His scores make his case. What is the definition of reckless driving in California? Road Rage is commonly defined as: You dismissed this ad. However, since the infraction was not committed in the presence of a CHP officer or other authorities, no citation will be issued, he said.

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Yes, there is a way. Can I get in trouble if someone reports my license plate for reckless driving in Georgia? I was driving on a local freeway one day, commuting home from work, and we were califfornia a clearly impaired driver. Read More at truthfinder. What should I do? If yes, who should I contact?

Reporting Dangerous Drivers – latimes

If the Replrt is your Problem Callgive a vehicle description and a license plate if you are close enough to see it. Again, problems arise when motorists either move to the left or, in some cases, come to a complete stop. A form letter will be uhsafe to the driver advising them that they were seen driving erratically by other motorists and that they need to take better precautions, James said.


Include your name, address and phone number. Quora Userlives in California. I sure hope they stopped him, before anyone was hurt. Copyright Los Angeles Times.

The answer to the first question is “as far right as it’s practical,” said Sgt.

Road Rage at the California DMV

How long is a California driver’s learning permit valid for? To record your comments, call Did you know your driving history is public? If you have learned that the Usnafe DMV is identifying you as a Negligent Operator because of an incident of Road Rage, the preservation of your driver license will depend on your reacting quickly and appropriately. Sanchez added that there is no need to pull over to the curb on the right-hand side.

Should an elderly driver, whose driving skills have deteriorated to the point of endangering other motorists, be reported? Violence, injuries and death are often a clifornia of Road Rage. How do i report a reckless cdl driver.

Letters californiia be edited, and no anonymous letters will be accepted. Do you need proof to report someone for reckless driving? Search your name for results.


While driving on the Hollywood Freeway, I observed an erratic driver who weaved and drifted out of his lane several times. This is the only time to use a cell phone if you are driving. After that, don’t follow the driver. There is every reason to believe that the numbers continue to rise.

Road Rage at the California DMV – Facts Your Need To Know

As luck usnafe have it, I had to use the same offramp. Would you report a reckless driver on the road? California Drivers Advocates is your solution. Is it worth it to report reckless drivers to ? There’s no need to slow down since emergency vehicles usually travel at a faster speed than commuters, he said.