Many disk diagnostic programs that access the boot sector table can trigger the virus warning message. An on-line help message is displayed at the bottom of the screen as the cursor is moved to various items which provides a better understanding of each function. The BIOS attempts to load the operating system from the devices in the sequence selected in these items. The default value is Disabled. Turns off the system after a 4 second delay. Tells you what time frame that the video will be disabled under current power management settings.

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Surround mode A total of 26 Surround Sound mode select as shown in the table below.

audo Setup the minimum row precharge time. Select an address for the Midi port. Your old drivers can even be backed up and restored in case any problems occur. Update drivers automatically – Novice computer users can update drivers using trusted software in just a few mouse clicks.

Power and Wake are Windows98 Keyboard button. Use this to select your Power Management selection.

EPoX EP-5VKMI – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA775 Socket – PM800

Use the software supplied for your video subsystem to select video power management values. This field allows the user to configure the LPT port. Default is IRQ 3. The dpox field is keyed to prevent mis-oriented insertion.


If you cannot find eep-p4x400d right driver for your device, you can request the driver. No warning message will appear when anything attempts to access the boot sector.

P4XD Epox Sound

You will be asked to confirm the password. Allows user to define PM Timers parameters to control power saving mode. However, if any program writes to this memory area, a system error may result.

Install the Fan Heatsink. In Auto mode, the system automatically determines the best mode for each device.

The default is 6. The BIOS attempts to load the operating system from the devices in the sequence selected in these items.

EPoX EP-5PC – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – iP Overview – CNET

When set to Off, any event occurring to the DMA controller will awaken a system which has been powered down. In general, these parameters should not be changed unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If momentary press of button, the system will go into Suspend Mode. Leave this field at Disabled. When set to On, any event occurring at a VGA port will awaken a system which has been powered down. For older operating systems, select Version 1.


The voltage level of the CPU Vio. Video shadow is enabled. Can release audo IRQ for other device.

ep-p4x400d audio driver download

Keep in mind that this feature protects only the boot sector, not the entire hard drive. The default is The selection is made by moving the cursor press any direction key to the item and pressing the ‘Enter’ key.

Make sure the processor is fully inserted into the socket on all sides. Only K type is 40 tracks while Auido, 1. The default speed depends on what CPU was installed.