Should you not want to update EZClient for some reason you can also do the following:. No firmware replacements are available, but I think you are referring to a “loader” replacement. Further info on cheating can be found in the appropriate Category: This page is intended to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions. SMS is also available for the DS and its roms. The light on the linker should go from red to green and you can now you can pop that cart into the linker and The perfect product for your Gameboy Advance developing needs.

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SMS is also available for the DS and its roms. Hardware Support for all Save Game types: EZ 3flash flash 2 powerstar. You might like GBALdr.

EZ-Flash II PowerStar @ Video Game Obsession (c)

They vary in size from mbit 16mbytes to mbit 64mbytes. You should only have to do it once too. Search titles only Posted by Member: For a start you may have a game that is ez-foash patched by EZClientthey are few and far between but they do exist: Second, make sure the contacts on your cart are clean.

In fact, I would say that the EZ2 has the best official software compared to any other flash cart. It is legal if you own the game, but it’s kind of pointless then.

In the words of a great TV advert “tick follows tock follows tick follows tock”. First go to the System Config menu. If you have save files from say, Visual Boy Advance 1 or backed up from your own games you can add them to your cart.


The relative merits of each shop could be debated for a long time without a clear conclusion, just bear in mind shops in Hong Kong and other Asian countries may cause you to have to pay import taxes, may take a while shipping and be expensive at that and returns may be difficult, many have and do use such ez-flasn without any trouble though.

However, though it is a “next generation” cartridge, it still uses the old school linker, which is something that may turn off many peoples. You can also download these gba book roms from the net.

EZ II power star flash kit

The ez-vlash can by done for the cart’s saver with the “BAK Save” button. There is no support for 64bit versions of Windows, no Mac clients Virtual PC is known to work however and no Linux support. New drivers come with easy install software installer so making it very easy to install.

Choose the 2nd manual install. Powerstaar name or email address: This page is intended to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions. No offense, but the question isn’t conveyed very well.

EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar Card

If powerstarr do not find any resistance when the linker and cart contacts come together, the ez-f,ash contacts are likely bent and you should exchange your EZFlash kit. Retrieved from ” http: Yes, my password is: Log in or Sign up. Becouse the battery consumption of the card is redced by more than half you can play 6 hours longer than you would using other cards! There are some sites from which you can order, it is up to you in the end but some sites are good and some you would do well not to buy from.


You should get a menu with the images you burned to your cart on it. Depending on where you live you may not have got a CD with your EZFlash kit, and thus no instructions on what to do with it.

It may be that you cart was improperly assembled happens even with the “original” commercial carts.

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If you have backed your. Ex-flash you selected “use loader” or if you are using it for DS software the “use NDS loader” from the system config menu the version used will be the one that comes with EZClient which will be the latest if you have the latest software. EZClient should now show the flashcart size.