I have questions on best OS. The only button I have that works is the keyboard. Cnet review of the Fujitsu U Samsung Q1EX , 7. I used the u windows 7 version on my u and seems to work. This is as close as I have gotten it so I am afraid to do anything else!

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Samsung Q1EX7. SLL Try and Error: Hopefully Fujitsu will update the rotation software for us. I have to rotate to portrate manually with the button, but then the autorotate will go back to landscape-go figure.

Yes, i rebooted everytime.

Installing Windows 7 on Fujitsu U or U [UMPC] –

This breathed life into a previously sluggish device. Weight seems acceptable – gms Viliv X70 EX7. Check my comment for additional information on what needs to be installed on those models. Thanks Andre, and EliasB!!

Thanks Andre for allaying my fears over the limitations on the typical older technology drives. Laptopmag review of U This is as close as I have gotten it so I am afraid to do anything else! Ohhh, yes sorry — this is a big fault from me to tell you — because Fujits usually always reboot after I install or uninstall something. It is quite nice actually and seems to run faster than Vista.


Drivers for Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 notebooks controllers

But Windods have these problems. Yeah you thought right, with the OEM instalation only as it has got recovery partition, lots of wall papers etc. I had problems on my U back when I was testing the Beta version of Win7.

The only button I have that works is the keyboard.

Fujitsu Lifebook U1010

It’s strange to see a device like this without any form of video out. This is so frustrating.

Do you know how to reinstall it? OK — fixed the mouse problem. I have been using Vista tweaked since I bought my U, christmas 2 years ago.

Video review of the U I would like to install Wiondow 7 to U E-King i14. So all is well with Win7 and my u Fujitsu U unboxing at pocketables. Mine had worked before but is not seeing the cards have tried several anymore. January 24th, at However, I have not been able to get Auto-rotate to work. Also…not sure if related or not but occasionally have similar issue with some USB portable hard drives.


Installing Windows 7 on Fujitsu U, U, U, U – Blog

Has anyone noticed this issue themselves? Well I finally got all the drivers installed but opted lifeboook of installing the fingerprint scanner — disabled it. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Netbook Navigator Nav 77. Weight seems acceptable – gms.