So it has become a german company. But essentially it’s not correct, it remains a Chinese brand as it used to be. About Privacy Contact Us. The turbine drives the air through the base cooling it , then the air flows to the heatsink on voltage regulators. The tests were conducted with the quality set to maximum, only Depth of Fields PS20 were disabled. Each card is really overclockable and guaranteed by Gainward to work at the same speed as the Ultra.

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More information about text formats. Leave this field blank. This can contribute to a performance decline when playing certain games.

I wonder why it’s not a traditional red card manufactured by the company on its tt. There will be other most powerful accelerators at the end of June: It’s a two-slot cooler, so the card takes up much space in the system unit. Video 3Digests Video cards: That is you buy the GT, but you actually get the Ultra.

At introduction, the family was only available in PCI Express form.


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GeForce 8 9 Tesla GeForce 8 9 GeForce 2 68000 MX. But on the other hand, the price is more acceptable. Write a comment below. Because of this, Nvidia had to backport IntelliSample 4. Nvidia PureVideo technology is the combination of a dedicated video processing core and software which decodes H.

But essentially it’s not correct, it remains a Chinese brand as it used to be.

**GOLDEN SAMPLE** GAINWARD GeForce GT Ultra/ | Overclockers UK Forums

But if you have a look at the photo below, where this cooler is compared with the reference one, you will see that the Gainward device is wider, its large heatsink also covers memory chips. SM3 extends SM2 in a number of ways: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Externally, the NV45 is a single package with two separate silicon dies clearly visible on the top. Upon launch of the GeForce 7 gaonward of graphics processing units, IntelliSample 4.

The motherboards use two different types of southbridges – the nForce and the nForce Computer-related introductions in GeForce Series Video cards.

I want to emphasize that the Gainward card is suffixed with Golden Sample, which means that it should operate not only in the regular mode but also in the so called Enhanced mode with the help of ExperTool, included into the bundle. All components are neatly arranged into polyurethane sections. The driver software balances the workload between the cards. SLI-capability is limited to select members of the GeForce 6 family; and above. The product from Albatron will be reviewed in brief, because it’s of little interest to us: The box has a traditional for this company design – bright colors, glossy coating.


Sandy Bridge Trying out gianward new method.

Of course, the cables for connecting the graphics card with external devices couldn’t be missing. We express our thanks to Gainward for the provided video cards. This section does not cite any sources. Let’s proceed with the examination of cooling systems and the resulting video card dimensions.

Though there are many targets for criticism as well.