Unless you really have the monitor on the right spot, you’ll have angle issues, brightness issues and color issues. Here are few quick snaps. I just turned 40, so as part of my mid-life crisis, I’m buying a high end gaming computer, probably a CyberPower Black Mamba or a Digital Storm of some kind, depending on how the stock market does. ShredderFan , Nov 9, This monitor is exactly what ive been looking for!!!! The tradeoff of the lower price didn’t hurt, of course. I do see differences, but surprisingly, I can live with the differences I see.

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If Projectors where cheap for good quality images, I might consider that I no longer notice backlight bleed at all. Nov 9, DivergeNov gatewwy, I have to work on that device a bit, I think. I really liked it and almost got it but my suspicions of TN panels Got burned bad on a Hanns-G stopped me Keep in mind this is a brand-new design less than 1 month old?


I wanted hateway post some calibration settings that I think greatly diminished backlight bleeding. AceNov 12, Just reset and it’s done.

Gateway FHD Specs – CNET

If you need a 24″, look for something that’s not a TN panel. A real heart break. I’m not sure which is best between the stuff currently on the market or things coming out in the near future, say by Christmas. I’m glad I traded mine in.

ShredderFanNov 9, Your name or email address: Which is the best in terms of bang-for-the-buck? I can see what I think is flickering on gray backgrounds such as Adobe Acrobat. Any chance you could try a different cable? I do still need to resolve the ‘speaker bar’ issue mentioned previously. Now my blacks, gwteway, speed and size is incredible.

Still says 0 ms. Log in Don’t have an account? Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. You can save a bit I know we all get desperate at times and get either the 32″ from Sharp or the 37″ from Westy.


24″ LCD Roundup

gateeay I rock, I lay. PuterguruNov 10, Anywas, the colours look excellent. ShredderFanNov 10, Which is “future-proof”, with good connectivity? I’m glad I got rid of that gateway.

I’m not noticing anything, at least. Yes, this panel has some backlight bleed, as you might expect with a TN. Similar to the Dell display, the stand also has a cutout in the center that can gatrway used for cable management.

Then you can alter brightness settings using your graphics card or within your console games if that is an option. That’s a completely subjective opinion, of course, but a silver stand and accents with the glossy LCD panel are definitely eye-catching.