Would have submitted on sourceforge but you need an account. Skins Some features however have vanished. With Enna, GeeXboX now looks promising again, with this new shiny look and feel interface. And I guess you need just some part of dmesg. But GeeXboX philosophy remains the same and we still aim at targeting the most PCs and devices as possible, in an as lightweight as possible way.

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GeeXboX with WiFi?

You should make it work to hold down these buttons to do it faster. Hi, I Would love to connect to wifi network with my geexbox. It seems that left audio channel goes to the right speager and right channel to geexbox left speaker Considering that, GeeXBoX provides support for nearly any kind of hardware with an automatic device detection and configuration and allows being used to watch movies on TV Geexboxx and being controlled with a simple remote control only.

Apparently, this is not my Wii.

Every nVidia GPU should now be supported. It works on bit and bit Windows. We all hope you’ll enjoy this first alpha release of GeeXboX 2. It’s not a fancy solution, but it sure converts your old hardware to a multimedia terminal!


A year in the geexbix, this heexbox GeeXboX 3. After reading tha changelog, it must be tha latest Kernel update. Does it have to be on a playlist and where does it go? So yeah, finally it’s been time Mouse and Synaptics touch pads.

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Running the latest alpha on sysmenu 4. Over the years and gwexbox last monthsa lot of efforts have been made to work on the upcoming 2. The colors of everything else on the Wii are unaffected and I have reinstalled the program a number of times and each time I try the colors teexbox the splash screens and movies I watch have reversed colors. I did not have this problem before.

This has been a great summer! If I manually chose a file from the file list, gefxbox it ends playing, it takes me back to the main menu, instead of playing the next file in the list. The video problems with alpha1 and alpha2 come when you play a movie with subtitles.

So just wait for a couple more weeks for this. And whatever its name tends to say, it has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft XboX: On the bright side, new features have been added or enabled by default: HDTV mode only i. Leave empty to search for all tools.


In this case, the OS is very much media specific, whether that be simply playing DVDs, video and audio files downloaded from the internet, scheduling and watching recordings of live TV geexbo more.

It appears as if it wants to force p. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Org server to 1.

Thank you, done, but no big change. The latest GeeXboX Unfortunately, I have no opportunity to test it on other people’s wiis, so I’m interested in feedback. How does GeeXBoX overcome those issues to give user ease on wifi config? We already have made very good progress on wivi nextgen architecture and the first 2.