December 12, in Bass Tags: All I have to do is make those two ends touch, and the circuit is completed. The real pain in the ass came when I had to then wire those 15 jumper leads into the back of the VGA socket. This was also the time to clean out all the cobwebs and cockroach shit that was in there…. Who is online Users browsing this forum: More detail in the next post.

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Anyway, Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones is generally accredited with being the first guy to defret a fretted electric bass, and his bass playing is pretty much as solid as you could ever want.

FS/FT- Guyatone BB-1 Flip Valve Bass Driver. RARE!!! –

It comes in a nice steel baass, except for the plastic end caps. July 15, in FXGeneral Tags: To become a supporting member click on Paypal Donate button at the bottom of this page.

Contact strip This sort of keyboard works by the keys manually pressing down on a conductive strip, which links a common ground to the positive end of the circuit, letting current pass through the gugatone you can see on the PCB. Upcoming project blogs July 14, in Uncategorized Tags: Then I found that a few people had made their own, using old organ bass pedals and cheap keyboards, and the hook was well and truly set.


1990s Guyatone Flip Valve Bass Driver BB-1

The pots were okay, but the. MIDI bass pedals Leave a comment. Classifieds are now a “Supporting Member” only section. Forum rules Before you post on this forum read gyatone Forum Rules in the first stickied thread.

A quick cross-your-fingers moment ensued as I fired the DX21 up for the first time. Note that the keyboard contacts are on two separate boards, which are attached to the main circuit board by jumper leads.

I asked around, and posted a request on the Ozprog. This was the stock wiring; random pots with 6mm shafts, and a. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Once that was soldered up, I made a note of which lead was soldered to each lug — guyatoone is so you can match up the corresponding leads in the bass pedals. Notice I said nail, not screw — this is the other part of my stuff-up: Okay, a little pessimistic, but I certainly went the hard way about it.

After much internal deliberation, ive decided to put this pedal up for sale.

Rude Mechanical | Exploring bass, guitar & fx modifications…

bh-1 But where to find an easily available 15 conductor cable? I had a brainwave: I have a Para-Driver DI that’s in excellent shape, purchased last year. Mostly due to the extra hassle of lugging the keyboard around to bass gigs, and my continued difficulty in finding another cheap MIDI capable keyboard without velocity sensitivity. There is bugger all info out there on this pedal.


Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. As per a suggestion on the TalkBass forums, I re-ran the tests with my pink noise sample turned down around dB.

I mentioned in Part I that my bright idea of using a VGA cable fell over due to the cable only having 8 conductors plus shielding ground.

It turned out that the rubber guides that fit inside the keys and keep them in place had deformed a little over time. Maybe if crayzee wouldnt mind doing a little review of sorts once he receives the pedal?

VGA vs Parallel cables. No worries though, the synth plays as normal on the lowest octave despite my butchery modifications.

You can lead a horse to water The solution was to go back to a world of pre-USB comms cables; the humble parallel cable has plenty of conductors for the job at hand. I missed Jaco first time around, and although I respect where he took the electric bass, I have never really got into him since. This site uses cookies.