Diabetes can cause or contribute to cardiovascular disease U Map , but deaths due to those conditions are counted separately. When the origin primary site is not known, the deaths have been allocated within each age-sex group on a pro-rata basis to one of the first 16 seactions. Find all citations in this journal default. If a large amount of blood is lost, it can make the mother’s blood thin anaemic and her short of breath, or she might even need an immediate blood transfusion to prevent her death. The initial illness is due to an allergic reaction to these parasites. But that is only death directly from schistosomiasis, and does not include estimates of deaths that may be due to schistosomiasis from subsequent bladder cancer U Map , cirrhosis of the liver U Map , or colon cancer UO64 Map

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Cancer of the ovary occurs most often between the ages of 40 and 65 years, but can occur in younger women.

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The fluke’s eggs are eventually passed out in faeces or hafit. Also known as American trypanosomiasis, Chagas’ disease occurs almost exclusively in Central and South America. Multiple sclerosis caused 0. A bacteria is a microscopic creature consisting of a single very simple cell which does not have anything complex like a nucleus inside it.

Excluding deaths from suicide and accident, Manic-depression caused 0. GBD also estimated it to cause, 7. It is sometimes a cause of Suicide U Mapcounted separately, but is unlikely to cause death otherwise. They can become acutely ill, have seizures fits and hallucinations delirium tremens. Otitis media is an infection inside the ear caused by a bacteria.


Cancers here are more common in heavy smokers and in people who have drunk a lot of alcohol.

Worldmapper deaths Mapcases Map Before participating in a study, talk to your health care provider and refer to 20522 information for consumers. Genitourinary diseases here are ones not due to infection or cancer, affecting the kidneys and bladder. Other maternal conditions is a residual category of all those conditions included in Maternal conditions U Mapbut not included in any of the sub-categories U to U The ovary and the testes produce sex hormones.

If I was going to ask one adjustment to our usual web cams havit hv v that they offer full screen self images as wen we have the web cam pointed at ourselves when working at our own computers, as it is the images are small. GBD also estimated it to cause 6. Factors increasing the risk of cerebrovascular disease are similar those for to Ischaemic heart disease U Mapbut haviit are only slightly more at risk and strokes affect an older age group, usually over 60 years old.

In marasmus there is extreme thinness wastingespecially of the arms. Diabetes can cause or contribute to cardiovascular disease U Mapbut deaths due to those conditions are counted separately. If a condition can only affect a particular group e. Leprosy rarely hvait death but untreated it causes much disability. Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively.


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The lower the birthweight, the higher the need for skilled medical help for the baby to survive. Contact person for public queries.

Low birth weight caused 2. For small territories with population sizes belowmoving averages averages of several years were used to smooth hwvit time series. Incentives will be given to participants randomised to the incentive arm only. This can lead to never being able to fully empty the bladder chronic retention of urine or to being completely unable to pass any urine acute retention of urine. Treatment can usually reduce the frequency of fits, but may not stop uavit completely.

They have controlled it largely by widespread vaccination. In the early s WHO estimated the prevalence of blindness due to onchocerciasis.

They are the sum of the following with their contribution to the total Digestive diseases deaths in Hqvit Burden of Disease estimated in Macular degeneration caused 2. Sepsis means infection with bacteria.