Most of the time I see this the carriage board is bad. Repost for installation instructions. In fact, that’s what the parallel cable manufacturer’s installation sheet suggests to do. Eger on May 16, at 5: I will try that soon, and will let you know if it helps or not. It makes a lot of squeaking noise as it prints out.

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The computer detected and installed the driver as expected. All Lights ar blinking I fixed the jammed carridge so it moves. Xo for taking so long to answer your note, and thank you for replying to my inquiry. Johanna, if you can get freebie tech support, then maybe reinstalling your operating system may fix the problem. Fortunately I stock the sponges used in those service stations, it makes life simpler. I have a possible broken one but don’t want to buy a color cardridge until I know it works!!

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Have tried manually installing drivers and even installing from original software CD, but still no banner option. Fortunately, the HP has a speed control.

The power light has not been on since this happened.

Johanna When you say, “If it were broken, I would think that it wouldn’t print at all” that is a reasonable assumption. Now blot the nozzles of the cartridge on the paper towel, for a black cartridge you should see two black stripes, for a color cartridge you should see three colored stripes, if you don’t have all stripes the cartridge is clogged or bad.


You need a “clean” install where no previous components are still on 722c system at least that’s the experience I had. The coloring was quite harsh. Eger on Jan 9, at Seems like the prying point is about an inch from the inside edge of the cover. Is it possible that I have damaged the encoder strip when cleaning it or is there another malfunction causing the incomplete printing?

I would uninstall your old drivers first. What can I do?

Any chance that the embedded XP driver is the culprit? And, just because its the paper you’ve been using for years doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed. I reformatted my Windows 95 and installed Windows Sorry this didn’t help. XP set up drivers for the C when connected. When I was rebuilding those service stations it was much easier to replace the sponge, it cost under a dollar.

You have changed the cartridge in attempt to get the black back, but this did not solve the issue you are experiencing. I replaced my carriage drive belt without having to move or disengage any other parts of the printer thanks to God! H; carriage now grinds everytime It moves, I looked around and don’t see any missing teeth from the np or foreign object inside, what could this be?


All lights are blinking.

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My last message had an incorrect mail address. One thing I noticed – the cartridge light comes on immediatlely after startup – it’s doesn’t seem to take time to check anything. I always used it to align the printer when I changed cartridges.

The problem seemed to start about the time I installed a new hard drive.

Widows Doesn’t Recognize HP Deskjet 722c Printer

At one point, I briefly ground gears. I have just replaced the carriage drive belt and now the ink cartridge holder will not move. If I recall correctly, the other option, an HP, tends to spit the sheets across the room and, per the review, can be noisy, although it has a quiet mode.