When you remove the keyboard cover as is shown in the step 9, you get limited access to the cooling fan. Does anyone know where this goes? How do I know what motherboard to buy? Only showing my C: Since I did not have the tools, and experience in that, I didn’t try it and bought a new laptop. My Hp dv just stopped working one morning. I don’t know about you but when I shut the computer down the beeps come back.

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Ryan – Dec 12, at Do I have to add the artic sil to the pads or the chips?

HP Pavilion dv Notebook PC video card upgrade.-Discussion – Newegg Community

My screen on my DV has gone faint from a lil water damage. Only showing my C: I saw the hp logo so I knew we were in business. Check connection on the power button board itself and motherboard. vd6700

If display cable is not hooked up properly, can it stop the system from loading the operating system? Woke up this pavillkon and still got the blue light but laptop is D E A D.

I mistakenly switched the positive and negative and only noticed after I plugged in the adapter and got no blue light on my laptop.


HP Pavilion dv6700 laptop video card drivers

I know this is for a home computer but. When trying to lift the face plate up, it seems that there is something still holding it down. Can someone help me?

Really good tuto, congratulations and thanks for taking this time. If there is no sound in headphones, most likely your problem is not related to speakers.

I also own 2 IR rework stations and 1 hot air rework station. Try reconnecting the cable. Try removing them one by one. Can this be repair?

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

All screw locations are mentioned in there. I would really suggest using canned air or air pacillion. Try reseating memory modules and test laptop after that. It is annoying that the problems caused by reversed polarity at most of cases due to the HPs power supplies broken cables.

If still no video on internal screen, test it with an external monitor.

I have the DV and there were a few differences from the one you showed but nothing too far off. Also, I may try to de-solder parts on the motherboard and just replace the graphics chip and other things, including adding more memory.


Hi an adaptor power cable that was the wrong polarity was plugged into my HP DV there was a pop, but the computer kept running and fully functioning on battery power untill the battery went flat. Are you actually breaking what is holding the face plate to the motherboard. How do you re-attach these cables. I have a Pavilion dv4t and I’ve been doing this since March. Try removing RAM modules one by one.

But thanx to your advice I taken a office stick tape, and put that on all cooling holes on my laptop, then let it start, then watch 1,5 hours on TV If sodering is required, I want to make sure I have someone who knows how to soder available to help me when I go for this. Thanks again for this impressive site. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks mehmet24a!!! When i turn on my laptop the screen is white with pixilated verticle colored lines.