On average, we run around ,, prints per month. I think you’ll be happier with the as opposed to the Do you find the or noticeably better than the ? We have a service contract with Ikon for our four print shops in this area, with multiple machines. Get used to having to make adjustments for side A to side B.

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The way I became turned on to Xerox was because of all the downtime my C gave me, I ptinter forced to outsource to my nearby competitor and he has a little but man does it print pretty pictures! Learn to clean the corona wires yourself.

Free Shipping On Ikon CPP-550 Supplies CPP550.

Yeah, they cost a bit more but they print something that you can hand to your customer with confidence and not that gut-wretching feeling as you wait for them to notice the lines and the crappy fields of pringer. Thanks again so ion for your time. Great box with the Creo. Stay away from the CPP unless you like your patience tested, enjoy paying for something that doesn’t work, and find it fun to wait around for parts and service.

They sent an executable a while back to give the Creo bit support and that works for installing the printer on the few XP x64 machines that we have, but I need the driver INF file to install it on the server and share it. The second HCD or tray 4 is doing the same thing, although to a lesser degree.


This item doesn’t belong on this page. I’m sure they’ll want to convert us all to ricoh machines kion time, but if they don’t keep us happy with the machines currently being sold that printeg happen and they’ll lose us to xerox, KM direct, etc.

Parts wear out faster than Ikon wants to replace them.

They are NOT helpful and have yet to resolve any of issues, aside from sending out a tech to service the machine. I mean we ARE a print shop and not everyone wants the same size prints! Vpp have had continuous problems to the point that we are now buying a new Xerox despite that we don’t really have the sales numbers to justify it yet.

Ikon CPP 500 review?

Be the first to write a review. See details for additional description. I work in the office environment and am the one responsible for requesting service for the machine.

RickABJun 24, They never told us they were doing this and have given no reason. It’s an okay machine.

When we leased our IKON machines we had a verbal understanding with our salesman who looked at exactly what we print cp we signed the lease and it worked great for a few years but the new toner supply system seems to want to really squeeze the customer –as you say, I found myself just not having the time to fight the order system to get the toner, even though I do give them credit for delivering what was needed as long as you constantly keep at it.

The produces a much prettier prinrer.

Ikon CPP Copier Color Printer | eBay

LindaBJun 23, Our company insists on purchasing equipment, but they also demand an extensive service agreement. We will try our best to solve for you and make you satisfied. We have some employees who will queue up a job, enter a quantity and walk away from it.


PM’s need to be performed more often than Ikon likes to do them. I appreciate any help or sympathy. We had to have them reclassify us as a print shop to get the toner amounts to prijter we could work with and even that doesn’t work. Also if you run any large jobs you have to calibrate before continuing, it’s very sensitive.

Copier Specifications: Ikon CPP

I think the drum unit has been replaced at least twice, maybe three times. The Lemon is very unreliable, take your chances if you like, but I wouldn’t wish this machine on the Taliban.

Ikon supplies Your exactly right, we had the same issue and had the ” Ikon Service Team” out imon a meeting and found out that they cut the toner amounts that you could receive back because they felt that they were being sold on ebay. The technicians are great but we see 5500 way to often for production purposes.

The Ikon is currently shared on our old print server using a LPR port and has a bit driver installed.