This protocol might be a little slower than inetdea7 if the SQL Server has no index problems. The driver checks the required JDBC 2. The data type text is not supported in this mode because the SQL Server can’t convert ntext to text. It needs to be an existing character converter of your JVM. View the Manual and the current Release Changes. What could be causing this?

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If the data types are different then the data type precedence is used.

You can get bytes tda a timestamp field that can be read with the methods getBytes, getString or getBinaryStream. The reading connection needs to support the read lock transaction isolation level. Use the following SQL statements instead with single quotation: The classes are not in your classpath.

The default data type mapping of the driver is equivalent to the JDBC specification: You can make the following test: This may occur when you or your environment change the isolation trs.

This is the major running time. If you use the single byte data types varchar, char or text there are problems.


what is this SAPClassNotFoundException: com.inet.tds.TdsDriver

The SQL Server can only use an index if the parameter data type and the index data type are compatible. These are the subprotocols for SQL Server 6.

You can check the version of your JVM with:. The following might cause the error: The SQL server and the webserver must be the same. The database connection probably isn’t thread-safe. Although it appears from your stack trace that you’re attempting to use a connection imet dbcp you might not have it set up properly.

The JDBC url is wrong. With the SQL Server 7. You need to use two digits for the months and day. It needs to be an existing character converter of your JVM. If there are already connections established to the SQL Server then the problem could occur, that too many threads request a connection at the same time; the socket connection request queue of the SQL Server is full. The writing connection started a transaction with: In general the risk of a deadlock increases with the performance of the driver.


(i-net MS SQL Server driver Documentation)

yds A Resultset can be closed with the following methods: The read lock ends with the inte of the transaction setAutoCommit truecommitrollback. You can test your JVM with: In this mode the SQL Server saves only 1 byte per character. The data type text is not supported in this mode because the SQL Server can’t convert ntext to text. Products Reporting Software Solution.

OTHER for this data types. With the following loop you can concatenate the pieces of the XML data: If you use a query timeout then the driver will not hang rather it will throw a timeout exception in such cases; with a rollback you can solve the deadlock.

The problem is a function of: When you have found the critical transaction you need to verify the order of your SQL expression whether it tdss produce a deadlock.