Type the IP address of the printer in the address field, and then click Add. Restoring factory defaults returns most printer settings to the original factory defaultsettings. Loading paper and specialty media73BCA4 Load paper into the tray with the print side faceup. Minimizing your printer’s environmental impact62Minimizing your printer’s environmental impactLexmark is committed to environmental sustainability and is continually improving its printers to reduce their impacton the environment. Your home screen, icons, and buttons may vary depending on your home screen customization settings,administrative setup, and active embedded solutions.

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Page 37 Additional printer setup9 Insert the long thumbscrew and turn it clockwise, enough to hold the ISP in place, but do lfxmark yet tighten thethumbscrew. Page NoticesUsing this product in SwitzerlandThis product requires a Swiss billing tone filter Lexmark part number 14B or 80D to be installed on any linewhich receives metering pulses in Switzerland.

Lexmark X Toner Cartridges – Internet Ink

Page 28 Additional printer setup28b Shift the metal panel to the left to disengage the hooks, then pull forward to remove it. Doing so can damagethe photoconductor.

The Deleting Selected Jobs screen appears, the selected jobs are deleted, and then the home screen appears.

Additional printer setup40c Align the standoffs of the printer hard lexmarj to the holes in the ISP, and then press down on the printer hard diskuntil the standoffs are in place. Page 79 Paper and specialty media guidelines79Paper and specialty media guidelinesPaper guidelinesPaper characteristicsThe following paper characteristics affect print quality and reliability.


‘ + lbl_show_all_supplies + ‘:

Other translations are available athttp: Page 70 Loading paper and specialty media Squeeze and then slide the width guide to the correct position for the paper size you are loading.

Check the serial heading of the menu settings page for the printer settings. Page 38 Additional printer setup Reattach the system board cover. The output file is saved in the location or launched in the program you specified. Printing90Supported flash drives and file typesFlash driveFile typeDocuments: Page Clearing jamsAreaJam numbers What to do—xOpen side door of the specified tray, and then remove the jammed paper.

Additional printer setup Install the ISP on the plastic tee.

Printer: Lexmark X | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

You may have a printer part thatrequires adjustment or replacement. If jams do occur, follow the steps outlinedin this section.

Troubleshooting Connect the power elxmark to a properly grounded outlet. Setting up and using the home screen applications Specify the destinations, and then customize the settings. Administrative supportIf you do not know the IP address of the printer, you can: This service allows you to have multipletelephone numbers on one telephone line, with each telephone number having a different ring pattern.

If Collateis set to Off, each set of printed c790 are offset, such as all page 1’s and allpage 2’s.

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PrintingIf you do not know the IP address of the printer, you can: Learning about the printer9Learning about the printerFinding information about the printerWhat are you looking for? Copying Load the next document faceup, short edge first into the ADF or facedown on the scanner glass, and then touchScan the Automatic Document Feeder or Scan the flatbed. Page Troubleshooting Enter an increment value from 1— Any jobs already buffered on the disk areprinted before normal processing is resumed.


This printer does not just print documents, it brings them to life, as your documents and photos 7×90 have a professional impact on your audience due to its bold colours and clean, crisp fonts. Page Maintaining the printer Peel the recycling label off, and place it on the shipping box.

The printer will notcontinue printing until the waste toner bottle is replaced. Copying97Copying using the scanner glass1 Place an original document facedown on the scanner glass in the upper left corner. TroubleshootingCannot send or receive a faxThese are possible solutions.

Storing suppliesChoose a cool, clean storage area for the printer supplies. Do not use the fax feature during a lightning storm.

Maintaining the printer Peel the recycling label off, and place it on the shipping box.