The figure shown below is a network with multiple print servers in office. With built-in billing mechanism and receiptprinting features, SP helps to generate revenue stream from public Internet services. Beside, they enhance your network security and reduce maintenance cost. Micronet offers cost effectiveness and helps lower the total cost of ownership, customers can get great efficiency without the compatibility issues. You don’t have to select encryption mode and input a long encryption pass phrase every time during setting up a wireless client. The Micronet “Ring Coupling” function helps you maintain those distributed network devices into several smaller redundant rings, without any control line. The Broadband Solution includes the secured VPN connection for enterprises to establish inter-site connection to share corporate resources.

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With Micronet Ethernet switches and adapters, the network infrastructure could be easily established, providing SOHO and enterprise users a fast Micronet Broadband Internet solution fits the emerging demand of ADSL microneg communication.

Users are able to enjoy Internet access wirelessly anywhere, anytime. Distance between Nodes Max. Micronet Wireless LAN solution enables you to your networking business! Distance 2 DC 5V, 2A 94 x This wireless router supports two types of WPS: Inaddition to the cost, SPHDC’s function-steady PTZ motor makes repairing cost much lower, and further makes professional surveillance implementation affordable.

Customers are free from the compatibility issues and get excellent service and supports, and Micronet greatly reduce the total cost of ownership of the total solution. Besides, most Micronet industrial switches also provide redundant power with polarity reverse protection, two mounting mechanism and fast network recovery significant features in addition to wide operating temperature. For management, system administrator can use SP remotely to configure IP addresses and security settings for multiple APs by using a single Web interface.


Micronet offers cost effectiveness and helps lower the total cost of ownership, customers can get great efficiency without the compatibility issues.

It offers color vision in day time and monochrome vision at complete darkness environment. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. We focus on quality and configuration flexibilities so that ,icronet integrators adopt our solutions easily and comfortably.

With failover feature on dual WAN ports, administrator can easily reduce the risk of downtime for Internet access by switching Microjet ports automatically. These APs can be deployed in different floors.

Micronet WLAN 11N PCI Adapter SP906NE

Based on customers’ demands, we will release the best solution for micrknet application. LAN1 For campus, hotel, building, community residential area, public transportation, the telephone line are commonly available. With dynamic login code, it prevents the system from malicious damage by non-authenticated user. A VLAN has the same attributes as a physical LAN, but it allows the end stations to be grouped together even if they are not located on the same network switch.

Virtual stack function allows administrator to manage multiple switches distributed in different floors using a single IP address. Mkcronet listens attentively to our customers and keeps providing a complete global support with worldwide reach.

Thus the bandwidth can be used in the key application and the router can work in the optimum state.

In this case, IT personnel would become more mobile and flexible. Micronet’s industrial switch is equipped with a redundant Ethernet protocol called M-Ring, it gives the whole environment connection a very convenient way to maintain a 24 mironet 7 workforces without any activity failure. These products help you generate extra revenue via internet access services. The figure shown below is a network with multiple print servers in office. Micronet IP Surveillance products provide professional solution with its high quality, mega-pixel resolution, and advanced H.


MicroNet SPA Product guide |

Still, the smaller rings coupled in such a way will still be able to communicate with each other. SP wireless hotspot gateway is mirconet to be deployed in a single site, such sp9006ne cafe and restaurant Fig. The unmanned stations collect and store large amounts of weather data and then upload the data at regular intervals to a backend host for analysis and long-term storage. It is a ratio of the maximum and minimum amplitude voltage or current of the corresponding field components appearing on a line that feeds an antenna.

In addition, you can microner learn more up-to-date product information, technical support, or consult with Micronet professionals about planning your network. The application is suitable for campus, airport, military base, hospital and factory.

In addition, Micronet IP Surveillance products are fully compatible with its camera management software. SPWS is equipped with 48 gigabit ports, the ideal solution to aggregate server connections up to 12 trunk groups.